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Client Photo Booth Instructions

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Thank you for booking our services.  

Please read and follow the instructions below that pertain to the

options you've selected for your Photo Booth experience. 


Service Contract

When your event timeline is finalized, complete your service contract here.

Photo Template Options & Tips

  • Standard photo template: You have many different avenues to find a template of your liking.  Simply query any search engine with "photo booth template" and the world is your oyster.  We will cover the cost of the template up to $20.  DO NOT PAY FOR ANY TEMPLATES!  Simply send the address/link to the template and we'll check it out and see if it's compatible with our equipment, etc.  Typically, templates can be color customized to your liking. There's no charge for this service. However, if you need any editing done to the template in addition to text and color changes, there is a $89 customization fee.  Also consider the following...We can only take landscape photos.  Don't select templates with portrait oriented photos.  We believe the best number of photos on a print is 3-4.  

  • When you've found your template send the following information to:

    1. Template title & web link (do not choose templates that are specific to iPads or photos in the portrait orientation)

    2. Template color preferences

    3. Template text (what do you want the print to say?)

  • Custom photo template:  Custom template designs will incur a charge of $89.  If you want your layout designed after your special event, invitation, or party theme, send us the graphics files (jpg, pdf, gif, etc) you want incorporated into the layout.  Scan documents or photos at 300dpi.  Send your files to

  • When considering text to put on your template:  When your event is a graduation party or any other party besides an anniversary party, I don't recommend adding the date to the template.  Here's why.  When considering the date on the template, ask yourself the following:  Ten years into the future, will the month and day the event took place have any significance?  If not, leave it off the print.

  • Work on any template will not begin until a deposit for our services has been made. However, you may submit your template choice at any time.


Fathead Instructions

Please follow these instructions when submitting your fathead photos.  The photo should have good lighting from the front of your face.  Shy away from photos with shadowing on either side of the face.  If you need to take a photo to send us, the subject should be facing the light source when the photo is taken.  It's all about the lighting.  


Photo requirements:

1.  File type: JPG/JPEG/PNG

2.  Minimum resolution: 1800 x 1800 pixels

3.  Maximum resolution: 10,000 x 10,000 pixels

4.  DPI: 180-300

5.  Maximum size: 50MB

Payment Instructions

We offer multiple payment options for your convenience: debit, credit, check, or Venmo. Please note that debit and credit card transactions incur a 3% processing fee. To avoid this fee, you can choose to pay via Venmo or mail a check to:

Oahu Photo Booths Corp 
350 Ward Ave, Suite 106-187 
Honolulu, HI 96814

To pay via Venmo, send your payment to @OahuPhotoBooths and include your invoice number in the notes. Please do NOT select "goods or services" to help us avoid additional fees. Mahalo!

For events booked within 30 days of the event date, payment by credit or debit card is required upon receipt of invoice. 

A 50% deposit is required to secure your booking, with the remaining balance due 30 days prior to the event.

Your event is officially booked once we have confirmed availability and received your deposit.


Prop Tables

We have lots of props, so guess what? We need lots of table space!  Coordinate with your venue to have a 6ft or 8ft table for props...more space is always better.  Tables provided by venues will have matching skirts.  We have black skirts for 6ft and 8ft tables if needed.  We do not provide tables.

Scrapbook Table

If ordering the scrapbook, coordinate with your venue to have an additional 6 foot table provided.  Tables provided by venues will have matching skirts.


“Party Cube" Photo Booth Dimensions

The Party Cube has exact dimensions of 10' x 10' x 8'.  The Party Cube must have a ceiling clearance of 8'.  A minimum floor space of 10 x 20ft is needed for everything (tables & booth).


Outdoor events: The Party Cube needs a shaded area for best results. If you want us on the grass then we can stake the party cube to the ground so it doesn't blow away. In areas on the west end of the island where it's very NOT put us in the direct sunlight. If your event is outdoors then we will need cover to put the party cube under. Suspect weather includes rain, wind, and very hot conditions that warrant shade. 

Outdoor events

All outdoor events require shelter from rain and wind.  We do NOT provide structures for shelter from wind or rain.  If your event is outdoors, please arrange and provide a tent for our equipment with at least 8 feet of inside vertical clearance.

Thanks again for choosing our services. Let us know if you have any questions and we look forward to making your event the best ever!

Insurance Certificate

Need a copy of our COI?  You can find it here.
Need an entity added to our COI?  Email the specifics to: and we will get the COI back to you ASAP!


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