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Open Air Photo Booth Rental Honolulu

What is Open Air Photography in Honolulu?

Have you heard the term “open air” photography or “open air photo booth” rentals in Honolulu, and wondering what that is?  An open air photo booth does not have walls. Instead, it’s photography against a background of your choice, as opposed to being inside an enclosure.


Here at Oahu Photo Booths, we offer open air photo booth rentals in Honolulu at affordable prices. You can design your own background or choose from our existing inventory. We have, ready and in stock, a wide selection of designer backdrops that will compliment your event theme.


What’s nice about open air photography in Honolulu is it allows onlooking guests to observe others having fun and encourages them to get in line and join in on the fun!  It’s a lot easier to persuade your friend to join in when they can see all the cool props and poses people are using. Open air photo booth rentals also work much better for those with a claustrophobic mindset.


Oahu Photo Booths also offers a super-sized Party Cube photo booth and Convertible photo booth, along with a wide selection of props for guests to have fun with. Do you have questions you can’t find answered on our site, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email or phone.

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